Taylors Collective | Maury Dickson
Located in the heart of Ellicott City’s Historic District, the 10,000 square foot Collective includes boutiques, studios and artisan workshops.
boutiques, studios, artisan workshops
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Maury Dickson

Art, Artisans


Woodstock, MD resident Maury Dickson is a steampunk artist. He describes steampunk as Victorian science fiction.: “Steampunk is steeped in history, but it is not tied to any specific truths; electricity and steam were new technologies during the Victorian era as well as the beginning of the industrial revolution.” Maury uses recycled materials, gears, fruit woods, and pieces of things that were made between 1890 and 1930, all the time building things that seem they could work but do not!

Maury has a 35-year design and marketing background and owns his own firm with his wife, Eileen; he has designed and built a furniture line for Henerdon furniture and worked with a manufacturer for seating which is now housed in MoMa in NYC. He was a finalist in a national contest with Habitat for Humanity and is still active with Ralph Lauren and several interior design firms and other manufactures.