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Located in the heart of Ellicott City’s Historic District, the 10,000 square foot Collective includes boutiques, studios and artisan workshops.
boutiques, studios, artisan workshops
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Photographer John Stier and ceramic artist Kathy Swan combine 2D and 3D media for their show, Multiple Dimensions, during the month of May at Artists’ Gallery.  This collaborative exhibition includes work that combines Mr. Stier’s photographic images fired onto Ms. Swan’s ceramic pieces, providing another dimension to both artists’ work. The show runs from April 30-May 26, 2019 with a reception on Saturday, May 11 from 3-6 p.m. at Artists’ Gallery, 8197 Main St., Ellicott City, Md.

Mr. Stier’s photographs do not follow any particular theme. Rather, they are a selection of some of his favorite images from various travels.  The photographs include locations from as far away as Hawaii and Australia but also as close as his back yard in Columbia.   The collection includes flora and fauna, city scenes, landscapes and some natural “abstracts.”

Ms. Swan creates functional stoneware pieces with botanical motifs. In Multiple Dimensions, she combines bittersweet vine handles and some of Stier’s photographs with her hand-painted ceramic surfaces to create varied layers of visual and tactile texture. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

1-4 pm

Ms. Swan invites participants to create their own personalized textured dishes out of stoneware clay. The $25 fee includes all materials and firings. This event is age appropriate for adults and children 10 and above. To reserve your space call Tylor’s Collective at 410-988-8949; for questions, contact kathyswan@yahoo.com

Sunday, May 5, 2019

1-4 pm

Mr. Stier will demonstrate his photographic post-processing workflow using Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop software. He will start with the original image files from the camera and take you through to the finished product ready to print.  This will include adjustments to contrast, saturation, cloning, dodging, burning etc.  He will also discuss monitor calibration and the settings used to set up the printer.  There will be an open discussion on techniques, paper, printers and more.  This event will take place at the Artists’ Gallery in Ellicott City.  There is no fee and all levels of experience are welcome.


Julie Gross will present a series of dynamic urban landscapes that explore the neon color palette associated with Miami, Peru and the Caribbean in her show, “Color and Places” at Artists’ Gallery in Ellicott City. The show will run from March 26, 2019 through April 27, 2019 with an opening reception on Saturday, April 6 from 3-5 p.m.

“My urban landscape series began with Baltimore city, but as I began traveling the world, I realized that every place has its own color palette. With my discovery of the magic of color, I realized the joy in simplifying shapes and examining the effects of light. In my current body of work, I’ve examined the effects of black light and neon oil color,” Gross remarked.

Travel connects Gross with the simple pleasures in life: a sunset, a walk, the sights and sounds of a new place. “My newest work explores the idea of removing complexity from the places I visit. I also experiment with size in this series, with pieces as large as six feet and as small as five by five inches,” she commented.  “I like these small pieces because they are like little jewel boxes that hold small, brightly colored memories.”

Ellicott City artist, Leah Lewman, interprets the constantly changing earth and the toll humans take on our planet in her dynamic show, “Fire and Flood.” The show runs from February 26 – March 24 with a reception at Artists Gallery at Taylor’s Collective on Friday, March 15 from 4-6 PM, with wine and other refreshments.

“Nature seems to be defending itself with geological extremes — fire and water. Nothing has made me more aware of this than the repeated flooding of my own hometown, Ellicott City,” commented Lewman. “In the effort to safely house our growing population, there is now too much concrete in the area and no place for the water to go. This work has been my way of coping with the idea of impending change that may be painful, but necessary. And the change is not only here. Fires in California are erasing even more of the human landscape than the water is in our little town. In these tumultuous times, Earth can be a violent place. I hope to make something beautiful rise out of the ashes and mud.”

Lewman is an artist whose current work focuses on the visual struggles between manmade structures and natural landscapes. She has exhibited her work in spaces across the country, including the 2012 National Juried Exhibition at the Art Institute & Gallery in Salisbury, MD; Landscape at Escape Velocity, a 2015 exhibition at Fine Arts Complex 1101 in Tempe, AZ; and the 2016 Wet Paint MFA Biennial Exhibition at the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago, IL. Most recently she participated in Pushing Paper at Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie, NY, and The Built Environment at Orr Street Studios in Columbia, Missouri.

Lewman received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 2013 from Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD. In May 2017, she received an MFA in 2D Studio Art at the University of Arizo-na, Tucson. She currently teaches as Adjunct Faculty at both Frederick Community College and the University of Maryland, College Park. 000000