Taylors Collective | Reclaimed Art
Located in the heart of Ellicott City’s Historic District, the 10,000 square foot Collective includes boutiques, studios and artisan workshops.
boutiques, studios, artisan workshops
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Reclaimed Art

     Austin Horning started Reclaimed Art in April of 2012: he had been running a remodeling company for 5 years when he was asked (by his amazing wife) to make a TV cabinet for their home from a barn door that was from a local barn built in 1830. When the cabinet was completed, friends and family wanted other pieces made – and Reclaimed Art was born!
     Having grown up on a farm, Austin was taught at an early age to reuse / re-purpose anything and everything; through his remodeling business, he has managed to save quantities of beautiful pieces of wood that he can re-use for something else – he has amassed a great deal of these one-of-a-kind materials with which he now works. He also buys materials from his local Historical Society, a non-profit organization that sells salvaged materials from older homes and barns that have been torn down.


Tel:  717-283-8927

Email:  austin@reclaimedart.net